What is a Hard Plastic Cake Box?

Plastic boxes are box shaped items that are manufactured from plastic (plastic) and used in a variety of fields. Some common types of plastic containers include plastic food containers, industrial plastic boxes, hard plastic boxes for cakes (used in the food packaging industry).

Hard plastic box for cakes has a wide consumption market, due to the increasing demand for food confectionery. There are many types of plastic boxes with diverse designs, beautiful and luxurious designs, suitable for packaging as gifts and gifts on holidays. Confectionery and food production establishments increasingly invest in hard plastic boxes containing cakes as a way to attract customers and boost product sales. Most of the plastic processing facilities on request accept and manufacture hard plastic cake containers according to the customer’s design.
Quality Standards Of Hard Plastic Boxes For Cake
Due to the structure in direct contact with food, the hard plastic box containing the cake not only needs to satisfy the design and design requirements but also has to meet many strict quality criteria domestically and internationally.
Some common plastic materials commonly used to manufacture hard plastic cake containers:
PET plastic: This type of plastic has been shown to be safe in contact with food, but should only be used for one-off hard plastic container due to the risk of producing bacteria.

PE plastic: a type of plastic that is safe for food, is often used to produce plastic bottles for beverage, milk, and plastic containers; … has good heat resistance properties.
PP plastic: absolutely safe when in direct contact with food, good heat and impact resistance, high hardness.
Criteria for Evaluation and Selection of Supplies of Hard Plastic Boxes for Cake
1. Product quality
Includes the toughness, rigidity and safety of the plastic box. Hard plastic boxes for cakes need high hardness, dark impact resistance to ensure the safety of the food inside. Hard plastic cake boxes need to fully satisfy domestic and international standards when in direct contact with food, to ensure absolute safety for users.
2. Product cost
In general, the cost of plastic boxes and plastic products depends on many different factors: plastic materials, the number of products, design designs … Large and reputable plastic manufacturers often will offer competitive price with high product quality.

3. Customer care
A reputable plastic box manufacturer usually has good care and after-sales, with lots of discounts, incentives and special shipping policies. In addition, the consulting works to help customers select and perfect products are also more methodical, contributing to improving product quality.
Plastic Processing A&T Plastics
With many years of experience in the plastic manufacturing industry, A&T Plastics is a reputable partner of many famous brands across the country, specializing in processing plastic boxes in general and plastic products in particular.
Consulting product mold design as required
Production of hard plastic boxes containing cakes with unlimited quantity
The price is based on the number of kilograms or the quantity required.
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