Previously, people only knew many wooden pallets; plastic pallet products were mainly used in the transport of goods. Now, plastic pallets have been used popularly in many fields. In the scope of this article, We will share with you the advantages and uses of plastic pallets.
What is plastic pallet?
A pallet, also known as a pallet, is a flat structure for loading goods for storage or to be carried by forklifts, forklifts or other lifting equipment. Pallets have the effect of storing and handling goods safely and stably. Stacking, handling, and transporting goods by pallet helps businesses save time and money, especially to limit risks. Currently there are many types of pallets such as metal pallets, wooden pallets, plastic pallets, paper pallets…. in which, plastic pallets with many advantages should be used for popular selection.
Currently on the market, most of the plastic pallets use recycled PET or HDPE, the standards set for its size and quality are as follows:
Plastic pallet according to ISO standard: pallet products are manufactured to meet the requirements of 1009 × 1200 × 15mm. In essence, this standard is given by the International Organization for Standardization, abbreviated as ISO.
Plastic pallets according to European standards: plastic pallets manufactured according to this standard are also known as Euro pallets or CEN pallets. Its common dimensions are 800 × 1200 × 14mm and are mostly used for transport on forklifts in the workshop. The production of this type of pallet is smaller than the width of the container, so to load goods by truck, this type of pallet is not used.
Plastic pallet according to Australian standards: the size of this pallet is 1165 × 1165mm and it is only applicable in Australia.
The advantages of plastic pallets
1. Although born after wooden pallets, but plastic pallets are more appreciated by overcoming the limitations of wooden pallets. Accordingly, plastic pallets made from new HDFE plastic or recycled PET should have a longevity and durability many times higher even when used in extreme weather conditions or frequently subjected to impact or impact. The lifespan of plastic pallets in the room environment, normally there will be 10 times more lifespan than some wooden pallet products or up to 100 times compared to paper pallets … These products can be blue, black or mossy. Like all weather, not afraid of termites so it is quite popular.
2. Compared with other types of pallets, industrial plastic pallets are waterproof, resistant to harmful substances, so they can be stored in the best way. At the same time, plastic pallets are easy to clean, clean, and biologically safe. Unlike wooden pallets that are vulnerable to termites, or metal pallets susceptible to the weather, plastic pallets completely avoid these restrictions. Therefore, when exporting goods, if stored in plastic pallets, there is no need to go through many strict tests.
3. Contributing to a faster turnaround of transshipment, loading and unloading at factories, bus stations, ports, docks … In all industries, manufacturing today, pallets are choosing to use many because of its relatively soft cost as well as friendly with the environment, especially easy to recycle into other items.
Plastic pallets have 3 basic types corresponding to 3 different uses:
1. Rackable: Are plastic pallets on the market available for use with a racking system without decking. The rackable construction is just one-piece front and rear jars, in the middle of the drum for cargo storage.
2. Stackable: Plastic pallets have a lower floor design that allows them to be stacked on top of another pallet without damaging the goods. The stackable structure consists of a bottom, a diagonal line across the middle and 3 rails in the same direction.
3. Nestable: A type of plastic pallet is commonly used thanks to its ability to save space and floor space.
Each type of pallet has its own advantages and disadvantages, but businesses should choose to use plastic pallets as a solution to save time and effort, and to best prevent risks occurring to the goods.
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