What is plastic? Where is the best price plastic processing place?

Plastic is an indispensable material in today’s life, it is used as a material for production in the industry, and is used to replace some other materials. So what is plastic? Why is the following used so much? Where to process plastic with good price?

What are plastic?

Plastic (Plastic means molding) is an artificial polymer with long shapes, in various colors created by Alexander Pakers in 1862, and this plastic was first called with the first name “Parkesine ”-the name of the person who created it.
There are a number of plastic resins that are composed of multiple molecular bases, so people always include the name Poly which means many examples: Polyvinyl chloride is PVC, polyethylene,

When being produced on the market by Leo Hendirk Backerland opened a new technique of plastic materials. To this day, plastic is still widely used and improved with many new components.

Plastic classification:

Plastic Plastic is divided into two categories: recyclable plastic and virgin plastic.

Recycled plastics: are plastics that are recycled from virgin plastic or itself, produced with many different processes, but the recycled plastic is not pure and has a cheaper price than virgin plastic.

Primary plastic/Raw plastic is a product produced from petroleum, and has not been used, has high purity, no additives used to produce valuable products, products that need to be safe such as needles, pharmaceuticals.

Application of living plastic today

Plastic is used in many fields such as healthcare, furniture, industry, civil. Because low-cost plastic is used to replace some other materials to reduce product cost.

PE Plastic is used to make all kinds of bags, cans used to store liquids with many different sizes. Can be used as bottle caps, but easily absorbed by odors that need to be stored under proper conditions.

Plastic PP (Polypropylene): Low cost, easy to tear and break, can withstand high temperatures of about 100 degrees Celsius suitable for packaging.

Plastic PS (Polystyrene) is hard and transparent, is a colorless plastic so it is easy to create color suitable for foam boxes.

PVC (Polyvinylclorua) is mainly used to wrap electrical cables, make drainage pipes, raincoats, household plastic films … shrink films cover foods that are preserved and circulated for a short time such as raw meat, vegetables Fresh fruit… In addition, PVC sheet is used to make many household items as well as other products in other industries such as furniture.

Where to process plastic with good price?

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